In 2016 Warwick Folk is hosting IVFDF, the Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival, for the very first time!

That's right! At the IVFDF 2014 reps meeting Warwick University finally said 'YES' and embarked on the great journey that is planning an IVFDF. We're aiming to do things a little differently, to try to give a flavour of the 'Warwick Folk' style of folk dancing while still respecting the format and traditions of past festivals.

IVFDF 2016 will be quite literally sent to Coventry - confusingly the actual location of the University of Warwick.

Due to a lack of suitable on-campus venues we are holding the festival in Coventry city centre. Although you will not get to experience the beauties of Warwick campus, the city centre does offer the advantages of being flat and easy to find. It also means that the festival venues will be spread over a small area and there will be a huge variety of places to find food.

Most importantly, don't go to the town of Warwick, and don't go to Warwick University; GO TO COVENTRY!


Friday + Saturday Evening and Sunday Afternoon


Saturday afternoon


Friday + Saturday Evening


Saturday Late Night


Saturday Evening


Saturday Evening

Displaylidh [Display-Ceilidh]

The ceilidh that started it all, the display ceilidh is at the core of IVFDF. Each and every university folk society is invited to show off what they do. Be it a display dance, a morris/rapper/appalachian/molly performance, a small concert from a folk band, story telling, singing - all displays are welcome.

If your society has never done a performance in the displayidh before, make this your year!

We request that spots aim to take ~6 minutes or less - this will allow us to fit everyone in and make sure that the display ceilidh has a good number of ceilidh dances too.

If your spot requires folk music, make it live! If you are not able to arrange musicians, let us know and we can attempt to find some :)

IVFDF 2016 Sponsors:

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